Tama LSB Twine
TamaTwine LSB

Reduce your costs and increase your baler’s potential
Tama LSB (Large Square Baler) combines, in a unique way, the high performance of Tama Type 130 twine, with a dramatic increase in length. These qualities now combine in a 2,600m/2-spool pack, with convenient spool size that optimises the twine box and will fit in EVERY Large Square Baler, means a huge increase of 25% MORE twine in each spool than the ‘traditional’ big bale spool.

Tama LSB, making the most of your baler capacity to increase its output per ‘load’ by to 300 MORE bales.

  • Enough extra twine length in one pallet to make more than 800 MORE bales
  • Longer length spools mean one full baler ‘load’ is able to make up to 300 MORE bales

(Calculations based on 2.4m L x 0.9m H dimension bale)

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Knot Strength
Knot Strength

New twine design improves knotting efficiency.

Quality assurance
Quality assurance

Tama LSB was fully validated during season 2014 in a DLG praxis test, on various baler models, crops and baling conditions, as well as extensive field use in many countries throughout Europe.

Universal use
Universal use

LSB twine is suitable for use in all makes and models of Large Square Balers – fully tested on Cormick and Deering knotting systems.

Professional use
Professional use

Convenient 9kg spool size fits into every make and model of Large Square Baler. New longer length spools give 25% MORE twine - optimising full potential of each machine.

Spool dimensions Spool length Spool weight Palletisation
Height - 300mm maximum

Diameter – 295mm maximum

1,300m guaranteed minimum

length per spool

9.3kg 112 spools per pallet

packed into 56 x 2

spool packs

Tama Baler Twine Products
Tama Baler Twine Products

Each pallet of Tama LSB gives the equivalent of 20 EXTRA packs of ‘standard’ Type 130

Tama LSB extends and increases the potential output of every Large Square Baler, by increasing the output of bales possible without needing to stop and ‘re-load’ with new spools.

Each ‘full baler load’ is capable of making 25% MORE bales than any other type of twine…

AS MANY MORE BALES to be able to ..

  • Fill 5 full trucks
  • Fill a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet
  • Cover 10 tennis courts
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