Tama Twine

The Tama name is recognized around the world for quality in Crop Packaging, bringing the reassurance and confidence of quality and innovation and giving the best option to secure your valuable crop.
Manufactured to the highest specifications and tolerances, with 100% virgin polymers, the TamaTwine product range covers all twine types. From the lightest twines to the heaviest, there is a twine to suit your needs.

A full range of conventional twines for small square hay and straw baling is matched by TamaTwine™ for round baling, which includes the higher specification TamaTwine+, an improved twine that delivers more cost-effective benefits, through improved production techniques and raw material development.

The demanding requirements of the Large Square Bale (LSB) sector is supported by the comprehensive range of TamaTwine™ Big Bale options, which offer the security needed when baling either the heaviest silage bale or the densest straw bales.

Tama Silage hay straw baler products
High Quality Twine Uniformity and consistency
Uniformity and consistency

Continuous, smooth running twine that will help maximize baler productivity.

High Strength and Consistent
High strength

High strength yarn for maximum knotting performance.

Easy feed system
Easy feed spool design

Ensures that the twine flows freely and evenly from the start of the spool to the very end.

Guaranteed Minimum Length Bale Wrap
Guaranteed Minimum Length

Every pack contains the stated length, not a “plus-or-minus” average.

Name Length Colour Packs/Pallet
TamaTwine™ Big Bale 7,200’ per 2 spool pack Rust 56
TamaTwine™ Medium 12,000’ per 2 spool pack Rust 80
TamaTwine™ Fine 22,300’ per 2 spool pack Blue 150
Tama Baler Twine Products
Tama Baler Twine Products
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